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Paramus Catholic hit with vandalism from Rutgers supporters before Jim Harbaugh’s camp appearance

Paramus president James Vail explained the situation to MLive on Wednesday afternoon, expressing disappointment over the increased level of “vitriol” aimed at his school by Rutgers supporters over the past few weeks.

“Around midnight last night we had some people engage in criminal trespassing and vandalism here. wholesale jerseys from china In today’s society, any trespassing triggers some security and safety protocols that are in place, the Paramus police are doing a great job handling it,” Vail said. “Someone spent some money because there were hundreds of large Rutgers magnets strewn all around the campus, probably $600 or $700 worth. And some other displays, some things written into the roadways.

Harbaugh and Michigan will be at Paramus Catholic on Wednesday night for the school’s satellite camp, which will feature more than 40 colleges and 400 players.

The angst from Rutgers supporters began around the time that Paramus announced that Harbaugh would be speaking at the school’s commencement ceremony (which will be held Thursday). The group explained how Michigan has started a “war” with Rutgers, and it must be stopped.

Vail said the whole thing is getting a bit out of hand.

“The level of vitriol and venom to which our school has been subjected to is extraordinary, it’s been going on for some five weeks now,” Vail said. “We’re a high school. We’re a high school that’s running a graduation, we’re a high school providing an instructional camp for 650 kids tonight for 215 schools.

“It is interesting to see that people position this camp here as a Michigan satellite camp. It’s a camp run by our school, to which 45 colleges are coming, one of whom is Michigan. Obviously, they’re one of the more prominent schools, but still. I find it curious that a major, world class university where 37 of my graduates are going this year, which I’m very proud of somehow sees the need to have a challenge with a high school. . The level of hatred, vitriol and venom that has been spewed it’s not surprising that it’s triggered actions like this.”

Vail has maintained for weeks that Rutgers coach Chris Ash was invited to Paramus’ satellite camp after it was organized, but Ash declined.

Ash instead chose to hold his own camp at the same exact time less than 30 miles away.

That, too, has Vail scratching his head.

“The camp here (at Paramus) is a satellite camp, the other camp today in the state is not a satellite camp. It is considered an on campus camp because it’s within 15 miles of their campus, which means they can run it directly and it’s subject to much less restrictive rules,” Vail added. “(Rutgers) had four or five other camps scheduled, they had one on that campus just the other day. Why they felt the need to schedule one as close as they could to us and put it at the same time and then invite out of state colleges . I don’t know, it’s very curious.

“But we’re grateful for it. Because it created such a hype and such a buzz that we reached what we thought was our maximum capacity (for the camp) within a week, with no advertising and no real promotion.”

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